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The MCO can generate a rendered config with old KubeletConfig contents, blocking upgrades


      This is a public clone of OCPBUGS-3821

      The MCO can sometimes render a rendered-config in the middle of an upgrade with old MCs, e.g.:

      1. the containerruntimeconfigcontroller creates a new containerruntimeconfig due to the update
      2. the template controller finishes re-creating the base configs
      3. the kubeletconfig errors long enough and doesn't finish until after 2

      This will cause the render controller to create a new rendered MC that uses the OLD kubeletconfig-MC, which at best is a double reboot for 1 node, and at worst block the update and break maxUnavailable nodes per pool.

            jerzhang@redhat.com Yu Qi Zhang
            jerzhang@redhat.com Yu Qi Zhang
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