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vsphere-problem-detector should re-check passwords after change


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      Description of problem:

      When user changes vSphere configuration or credentials (username, password, vCenter address, ...), vsphere-problem-detector should re-check them quickly and not wait for a periodic re-check that can happen after 1 hour.


      Version-Release number of selected component (if applicable): 4.13.0-0.nightly-2022-11-25-204445, but all previous versions are probably affected too.

      How reproducible: Always

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Install a cluster on vSphere (with valid credentials)
      2. Configure a bad username / password
      3. See that ClusterCSIDriver for vSphere CSI driver gets Degraded in ~2 minutes (that's vsphere-csi-driver-operator, it's quick)
      4. Wait until vsphere-problem-detector realizes it's a bad password (could take up to 1 hour):
        1. See that oc get storage -o yaml shows VSphereProblemDetectorControllerAvailable as "True" with message failed to connect to vcenter.XYZ: Cannot complete login due to an incorrect user name or password
        2. See that VSphereOpenshiftConnectionFailure alert is firing (or at least Pending)
      5. Configure correct username/password

      Actual results:

      It takes up to 1 hour for vsphere-problem-detector to re-check the password

      Expected results:

      vsphere-problem-detector re-checks the new password in few minutes (due to leader election it can't be instant). The alert + VSphereProblemDetectorControllerAvailable conditions are cleared in 5 minutes max.

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