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Egress router POD creation is failing while using openshift-sdn network plugin


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      This is a clone of issue OCPBUGS-3744. The following is the description of the original issue:

      Description of problem:

      Egress router POD creation on Openshift 4.11 is failing with below error.
      Nov 15 21:51:29 pltocpwn03 hyperkube[3237]: E1115 21:51:29.467436    3237 pod_workers.go:951] "Error syncing pod, skipping" err="failed to \"CreatePodSandbox\" for \"stage-wfe-proxy-ext-qrhjw_stage-wfe-proxy(c965a287-28aa-47b6-9e79-0cc0e209fcf2)\" with CreatePodSandboxError: \"Failed to create sandbox for pod \\\"stage-wfe-proxy-ext-qrhjw_stage-wfe-proxy(c965a287-28aa-47b6-9e79-0cc0e209fcf2)\\\": rpc error: code = Unknown desc = failed to create pod network sandbox k8s_stage-wfe-proxy-ext-qrhjw_stage-wfe-proxy_c965a287-28aa-47b6-9e79-0cc0e209fcf2_0(72bcf9e52b199061d6e651e84b0892efc142601b2442c2d00b92a1ba23208344): error adding pod stage-wfe-proxy_stage-wfe-proxy-ext-qrhjw to CNI network \\\"multus-cni-network\\\": plugin type=\\\"multus\\\" name=\\\"multus-cni-network\\\" failed (add): [stage-wfe-proxy/stage-wfe-proxy-ext-qrhjw/c965a287-28aa-47b6-9e79-0cc0e209fcf2:openshift-sdn]: error adding container to network \\\"openshift-sdn\\\": CNI request failed with status 400: 'could not open netns \\\"/var/run/netns/8c5ca402-3381-4935-baed-ea454161d669\\\": unknown FS magic on \\\"/var/run/netns/8c5ca402-3381-4935-baed-ea454161d669\\\": 1021994\\n'\"" pod="stage-wfe-proxy/stage-wfe-proxy-ext-qrhjw" podUID=c965a287-28aa-47b6-9e79-0cc0e209fcf2
      I have checked SDN POD log from node where egress router POD is failing and I could see below error message.
      2022-11-15T21:51:29.283002590Z W1115 21:51:29.282954  181720 pod.go:296] CNI_ADD stage-wfe-proxy/stage-wfe-proxy-ext-qrhjw failed: could not open netns "/var/run/netns/8c5ca402-3381-4935-baed-ea454161d669": unknown FS magic on "/var/run/netns/8c5ca402-3381-4935-baed-ea454161d669": 1021994
      Crio is logging below event and looking at the log it seems the namespace has been created on node.
      Nov 15 21:51:29 pltocpwn03 crio[3150]: time="2022-11-15 21:51:29.307184956Z" level=info msg="Got pod network &{Name:stage-wfe-proxy-ext-qrhjw Namespace:stage-wfe-proxy ID:72bcf9e52b199061d6e651e84b0892efc142601b2442c2d00b92a1ba23208344 UID:c965a287-28aa-47b6-9e79-0cc0e209fcf2 NetNS:/var/run/netns/8c5ca402-3381-4935-baed-ea454161d669 Networks:[] RuntimeConfig:map[multus-cni-network:{IP: MAC: PortMappings:[] Bandwidth:<nil> IpRanges:[]}] Aliases:map[]}"

      Version-Release number of selected component (if applicable):


      How reproducible:

      Not Sure

      Steps to Reproduce:


      Actual results:

      Egress router POD is failing to create. Sample application could be created without any issue.

      Expected results:

      Egress router POD should get created

      Additional info:

      Egress router POD is created following below document and it does contain pod.network.openshift.io/assign-macvlan: "true" annotation.

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