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sometimes failures at loading plugins will block console from loading


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    • 4.13.0
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      Description of problem:

      on ARM cluster, error plugins will block console from loading
      - the issue can be easily reproduced on ARM cluster
      - the issue is not reproduced on amd nightly 4.13.0-0.nightly-2022-11-17-094851 or 4.12.0-0.nightly-2022-11-17-164258
      - this issue may not only reproducible on ARM, thinking an error plugin on amd should also reproduce 

      Version-Release number of selected component (if applicable):


      How reproducible:


      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Create 3 consoleplugins
      $ oc create -f failed-console-demo-plugin.yaml
      namespace/console-demo-plugin created
      deployment.apps/console-demo-plugin created
      service/console-demo-plugin created
      consoleplugin.console.openshift.io/console-demo-plugin created
      $ oc create -f failed-console-customization-plugin.yaml
      namespace/console-customization-plugin created
      deployment.apps/console-customization-plugin created
      configmap/nginx-conf created
      service/console-customization-plugin created
      consoleplugin.console.openshift.io/console-customization created
      $ oc create -f pending-console-demo-plugin-1.yaml
      namespace/console-demo-plugin-1 created
      deployment.apps/console-demo-plugin-1 created
      service/console-demo-plugin-1 created
      consoleplugin.console.openshift.io/console-demo-plugin-1 created
      2. on ARM cluster, plugin deployment can not be ready since all plugin images are built on AMD64
      $ oc get pods -n console-demo-plugin
      NAME                                  READY   STATUS   RESTARTS      AGE
      console-demo-plugin-86f8d5497-6znr2   0/1     Error    3 (31s ago)   52s
      $ oc get pods -n console-demo-plugin-1
      NAME                                    READY   STATUS   RESTARTS      AGE
      console-demo-plugin-1-c856989b4-q2pb9   0/1     Error    2 (28s ago)   34s
      $ oc get pods -n console-customization-plugin
      NAME                                            READY   STATUS   RESTARTS      AGE
      console-customization-plugin-568cf77f67-g8cd7   0/1     Error    3 (32s ago)   55s 
      3. Enable the plugins
      $ oc patch consoles.operator.openshift.io cluster --patch '{ "spec": { "plugins": ["console-demo-plugin","console-customization","console-demo-plugin-1"] } }' --type=merge console.operator.openshift.io/cluster patched
      4. Refresh console and load plugins 

      Actual results:

      3. console can not be loaded successfully

      Expected results:

      3. any kind of plugin error should not block console from loading

      Additional info:







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