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Only node profiles should be available for rosa hcp cluster


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    • 4.16.0
    • Compliance Operator
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      Description of problem:


      Install Compliance Operator on ROSA HCP, and try to get all profiles:
      % oc get profile -n openshift-compliance
      NAME              AGE VERSION
      ocp4-bsi            39m 2022
      ocp4-bsi-2022          39m 2022
      ocp4-bsi-node          39m 2022
      ocp4-bsi-node-2022       39m 2022
      ocp4-cis            39m 1.5.0
      ocp4-cis-1-4          39m 1.4.0
      ocp4-cis-1-5          39m 1.5.0
      ocp4-cis-node          39m 1.5.0
      ocp4-cis-node-1-4        39m 1.4.0
      ocp4-cis-node-1-5        39m 1.5.0
      ocp4-e8             39m  
      ocp4-high            39m Revision 4
      ocp4-high-node         39m Revision 4
      ocp4-high-node-rev-4      39m Revision 4
      ocp4-high-rev-4         39m Revision 4
      ocp4-moderate          39m Revision 4
      ocp4-moderate-node       39m Revision 4
      ocp4-moderate-node-rev-4    39m Revision 4
      ocp4-moderate-rev-4       39m Revision 4
      ocp4-nerc-cip          39m  
      ocp4-nerc-cip-node       39m  
      ocp4-pci-dss          39m 3.2.1
      ocp4-pci-dss-3-2        39m 3.2.1
      ocp4-pci-dss-4-0        39m 4.0.0
      ocp4-pci-dss-node        39m 3.2.1
      ocp4-pci-dss-node-3-2      39m 3.2.1
      ocp4-pci-dss-node-4-0      39m 4.0.0
      ocp4-stig            39m V1R1
      ocp4-stig-node         39m V1R1
      ocp4-stig-node-v1r1       39m V1R1
      ocp4-stig-v1r1         39m V1R1
      rhcos4-anssi-bp28-enhanced   39m  
      rhcos4-anssi-bp28-high     39m  
      rhcos4-anssi-bp28-intermediary 39m  
      rhcos4-anssi-bp28-minimal    39m  
      rhcos4-bsi           39m 2022
      rhcos4-bsi-2022         39m 2022
      rhcos4-e8            39m  
      rhcos4-high           39m Revision 4
      rhcos4-high-rev-4        39m Revision 4
      rhcos4-moderate         39m Revision 4
      rhcos4-moderate-rev-4      39m Revision 4
      rhcos4-nerc-cip         39m  
      rhcos4-stig           39m V1R1
      rhcos4-stig-v1r1        39m V1R1    

      Version-Release number of selected component (if applicable):

      4.16.0-0.nightly-2024-05-21-221942 + latest co build built from source code    

      How reproducible:


      Steps to Reproduce:

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      Actual results:

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      Expected results:

      Only node profiles should be available      

      Additional info:


            lbragsta@redhat.com Lance Bragstad
            xiyuan@redhat.com Xiaojie Yuan
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