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OpenShift Container Platform 4.12 one month notice end of Maintenance support


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      OpenShift Container Platform 4.12 one month notice end of Maintenance support

      This is an automated one month notification for the end of Maintenance support for OpenShift Container Platform 4.12 on July 17, 2024.
      This notification applies only to those customers operating OpenShift Container Platform 4.12.
      As part of the Maintenance support, qualified security patches of critical or important impact, as well as select mission-critical bug-fix patches, were released for OpenShift Container Platform 4.12.

      On July 17, 2024, OpenShift Container Platform 4.12 transitions into its Extended Update Support (EUS) phase, updates may be available for Critical and Important security advisories as well as Urgent priority bugs. Customers should check for any additional subscription requirements in order to consume these updates, during the EUS phase. Please consult with your sales team to understand more about Extended Update offerings.

      At the end of Maintenance support, software and documentation will continue to be available to customers throughout the time OpenShift Container Platform 4 remains available.

      Please see the OpenShift Container Platform 4 life cycle for further information about OpenShift Container Platform 4 releases and life cycle phases: https://access.redhat.com/support/policy/updates/openshift/

      For important instructions on how to install or upgrade to the latest version of OpenShift Container Platform, see the following documentation: https://docs.openshift.com/container-platform/4.12/updating/updating-cluster-within-minor.html

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