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status: show upgrade-related alerts in update health section


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    • 4.16, 4.17
    • oc / update

      Using the alerts-in-CLI PoC OTA-1080 show relevant firing alerts in the OTA-1087 section. Probably do not show all firing alerts.

      I propose showing

      • Alerts that started to fire during the upgrade
      • Allow list of alerts that we know are relevant during upgrades? Insight severity can match alert severity.

      Impact can be probably simple alertname -> impact type classifier. Message can be "Alert name: Alert message":

      =Update Health= 
      SINCE	        LEVEL 		        IMPACT 			MESSAGE
      3h		Warning		        API Availability	KubeDaemonSetRolloutStuck: DaemonSet openshift-ingress-canary/ingress-canary has not finished or progressed for at least 30 minutes.

      Definition of done

      • Alerts that started firing during the upgrade are shown as a upgrade health insight in upgrade health section
      • Alerts that started firing before the upgrade but are present on an allowlist (hardcoded for now) of alerts relevant for update
      • Create an allow list for alerts (structure) which will show the alerts in this section.
      • We do not plan to decide which alerts should be in the allow list as part of this card (as this is a future card)

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