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External-dns pod by hypershift operator is running with lower Priority


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    • 4.14.0
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      Description of problem:

      Hypershift Operator pods are running with higher PriorityClass but external-dns is set to default class with lower preemption priority, this has made the pod to preempt during migration. 
      Observed while performance testing dynamic serving spec migration on MC.
      # oc get pods -n hypershift 
      NAME                           READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
      external-dns-7f95b5cdc-9hnjs   0/1     Pending   0          23m
      operator-956bdb486-djjvb       1/1     Running   0          116m
      operator-956bdb486-ppgzt       1/1     Running   0          115m
      external-dns pod.spec
        preemptionPolicy: PreemptLowerPriority
        priority: 0
        priorityClassName: default
      operator pods.spec
        preemptionPolicy: PreemptLowerPriority
        priority: 100003000
        priorityClassName: hypershift-operator

      Version-Release number of selected component (if applicable):

      On Management Cluster 4.14.7

      How reproducible:


      Steps to Reproduce:

          1. Setup a MC with request serving and autoscaling machinesets
          2. Load up the MC to its max capacity
          3. Watch external-dns pod gets preempted when resources needed by other pods

      Actual results:

      External-dns pod goes to pending state until new node comes up

      Expected results:

      Since this is also a critical pod like hypershift operator, as it would affect HC dns configuration, this one needs to be a higher priority pod as well.

      Additional info:

      stage: perf3 sector

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            mukrishn@redhat.com Murali Krishnasamy
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