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[release-4.15] OperatorHub: Change the display text of the filtering option for FIPS to “Designed for FIPS”


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    • 4.15.z
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    • Previously, OperatorHub included a filter named "FIPS Mode". With this update, that filter is now named "Designed for FIPS".
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      Change the display text of the filtering option for FIPS to “Designed for FIPS” in the OperatorHub to align with the latest official Red Hat wording about FIPS.


      • As NIST only validated FIPS crypto modules (not solutions), at Red Hat we describe our solutions as “Designed for FIPS”, then to meet the FIPS 140 regulatory requirement the solution must use a FIPS validated cryptographic module.
      • In the OperatorHub, the current UI flag states “FIPS mode” which is meant to demonstrate the solution can operate in FIPS mode however could be confusing: 
        • Does “FIPS mode” mean we have both a “Designed for FIPS” solution AND a FIPS-validated crypto module? 
        • If I use such a solution on an OCP FIPS cluster, do I obey FIPS 140 regulation and there is nothing else to do?

      Hence, this story tracks the display text alignment to use “Designed for FIPS” as the filtering option in the OperatorHub in the console. 
      (see notes in the attached screenshot: operatorhub_filtering_Designed-for-FIPS.png)

      Acceptance Criteria 

      • OperatorHub UI uses “Designed for FIPS” as the display text of the filtering for the ‘FIPS’ infrastructure feature CSV annotation. 
      • This change requires backporting to OCP 4.14 and OCP 4.15.

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