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Bump OVS to 3.3 in ovn-kubernetes container for OCP 4.16


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      Description of problem:

      Fast DataPath released a new major version of Open vSwitch, which is 3.3.
      This version is going to be a new LTS and contains performance improvements
      and features required for future releases of OVN. Since OCP 4.16 is planned
      to have a longer support time frame, it should use this version of OVS.
      Moving to newer versions of OVS will also gradually allow FDP to drop support
      for older streams not used by any layered products.
      Most notable relevant improvements over OVS 3.1 are:
      - Improved performance of database operations, most notbaly the initial read
        of the database file and the database schema conversion on updates.
      The plan is to also update the main ovs-vwitchd on the os level in a separate
      issue, this will provide support for flushing CT entries by marks and labels
      needed for future versions of OVN.  And it's better to keep versions on the
      host and inside the container in sync.
      The change was discussed with FDP and OVS-QE.

            imaximet@redhat.com Ilya Maximets
            imaximet@redhat.com Ilya Maximets
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