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Unhealthy Readiness probe failed message failing CI when ovnkube DBs are still coming up


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      slack thread here

      essentially, when a readiness probe fails (a check for /etc/cni/net.d/10-ovn-kubernetes.conf)
      when ovnkubenode DBs are still coming up it could fail CI if the probe fail
      message is seen more than 20 times. The test case that fails is "events should
      not repeat pathologically" As of the creation of this bug, it's failing in CI
      less than 1% of all failed OVN jobs. The error message is benign and expected
      in this scenario.

      some solutions to stop this from failing CI could be:

      • enhance the test code to understand this specific failure and ignore it
      • reduce the polling and/or increase the poll timers so that this message
        would have no chance to occur more than 20 times in a normal scenario

      example job here

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