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OLMv1 bumper overrides changes downstream


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      We merged this ART PR which bumps base images. And then bumper [reverted the changes here|https://github.com/openshift/operator-framework-operator-controller/pull/88/files].

      I still see the ART bump commit in main, but there is "Add OpenShift specific files" commit on top of it with older images. Actually now we have two "Add OpenShift specific files" commits in main:

      And every UPSTREAM: <carry>-prefixed commit seems to be duplicated on top of synced changes.

      Expected result:

      • Bumper doesn't override/revert UPSTREAM: <carry>-prefixed commit contributed directly into the downstream repos. Order of UPSTREAM: <carry>-prefixed commits should be respected.

            mradchuk@redhat.com Mikalai Radchuk
            mradchuk@redhat.com Mikalai Radchuk
            Jian Zhang Jian Zhang
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