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CRD type check test fails too often


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      [sig-api-machinery] ValidatingAdmissionPolicy [Privileged:ClusterAdmin] [FeatureGate:ValidatingAdmissionPolicy] [Beta] should type check a CRD [Suite:openshift/conformance/parallel] [Suite:k8s]

      This test appears to fail a little too often. It seems to only run on techpreview clusters (presumably the Beta tag in the name), but I was worried it's an indication something isn't ready to graduate from techpreview, so figured this is worth a bug.

      Even so 93% pass rate is a little too low, would like someone to investigate and get this test rate up. When it fails it's typically the only thing killing the job run. Output is always:

      {  fail [k8s.io/kubernetes@v1.29.0/test/e2e/apimachinery/validatingadmissionpolicy.go:349]: Expected
          <[]v1beta1.ExpressionWarning | len:0, cap:0>: nil
      to have length 2
      Ginkgo exit error 1: exit with code 1}

      View this link for sample job runs, I would focus on those with 2 failures indicating this was the only failing test in the job.

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