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Fix build issues in Console dynamic plugin SDK v1


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    • 4.16.0
    • 4.15
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      We have detected several bugs in Console dynamic plugin SDK v1 as part of Kubevirt plugin PR #1804

      These bugs affect dynamic plugins which target Console 4.15+

      1. Build errors related to Hot Module Replacement chunk files

      ERROR in [entry] [initial] kubevirt-plugin.494371abc020603eb01f.hot-update.js
      Missing call to loadPluginEntry

      2. Build warnings issued by dynamic-module-import-loader

      LOG from @openshift-console/dynamic-plugin-sdk-webpack/lib/webpack/loaders/dynamic-module-import-loader ../node_modules/ts-loader/index.js??ruleSet[1].rules[0].use[0]!./utils/hooks/useKubevirtWatchResource.ts
      <w> Detected parse errors in /home/vszocs/work/kubevirt-plugin/src/utils/hooks/useKubevirtWatchResource.ts

      3. Build warnings related to PatternFly shared modules

      WARNING in shared module @patternfly/react-core
      No required version specified and unable to automatically determine one. Unable to find required version for "@patternfly/react-core" in description file (/home/vszocs/work/kubevirt-plugin/node_modules/@openshift-console/dynamic-plugin-sdk/package.json). It need to be in dependencies, devDependencies or peerDependencies.

      How to reproduce

      1. git clone Kubevirt plugin repo
      2. switch to commit containing changes from PR #1804
      3. yarn install && yarn dev to update dependencies and start local dev server

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