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One of the spod pods keeps restarting


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      Description of problem:

      This is ref to bug  https://issues.redhat.com/browse/OCPBUGS-29434

      with additional data
      SPO version is 0.8.2

      We ran into this issue while using SPOD with a P3.2XL aws machine. We manually adjusted the default action to SCMP_ACT_LOG.
      We then saw the spod pod no longer in CLBO. Looking at the /var/log/audit.log file we noticed the clock_gettime syscall was being logged by the pod.
      Manually adjusting the SCMP_ACT_ALLOW syscall list to permit clock_gettime prevented the issue when switching the default action back to SCMP_ACT_ERRNO.

      We then provided the fix upstream via

            wenshen@redhat.com Vincent Shen
            rhn-support-gmahto Gagan Mahto
            Xiaojie Yuan Xiaojie Yuan
            Red Hat Employee
            Xiaojie Yuan
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