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pods that are HostNetworked on nodes using routingViaHost:true ipForwarding: global cannot route to default kubernetes service IP


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    • Requires 2nd def gateway with routingViaHost=true

      Description of problem:

      • We're seeing that on two baremetal nodes where `routingViaHost=true` is enabled (with ipForwarding set properly as Global) the following problem:
      • They have set NodeIP Hint to force OVN to bind to a secondary interface at `bond1.2039 `
      • we're seeing that specific pods that are hostNetworked can't reach the default kubernetes service IP address; and are failing to initialize as a result (CLBO).

      F0120 03:20:42.221327 879146 driver.go:131] failed to get node "wb02.pdns-edtnabtf-arch01.nfvdev.tlabs.ca" information: Get "": dial tcp i/o timeout

      other pods on affected node with above config can hit the target service however, pods that are hostNetworked appear to be failing:

      $ oc get pod csi-rbdplugin-kpz7n -o yaml | grep hostNetwork
      hostNetwork: true


      Version-Release number of selected component (if applicable):


      • bare-metal  

      How reproducible:

      • new cluster, every time

      Steps to Reproduce:

      We have redeployed the cluster. and have
      routingViaHost and ipForwarding both enabled.

      We also pushed out a NODEIP_HINT configuraiton to all the nodes to make sure SDN is overlayed on the correct interface.

      Default gateway has been moved to bond1.2039on the 2 x baremetal worker nodes.



      observe that hostNetworked pods crashloop backoff

      Actual results:

      • hostnetworked pods cannot call the default kube service address  

      Expected results:

      • hostnetworked pods should be able to do so.

      Additional info:

      See the first comment for data samples + must-gathers + sosreports

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