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Console blips Available=False with RouteHealth_FailedGet and such


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      This is a clone of issue OCPBUGS-24041. The following is the description of the original issue:


      Seen in 4.15-related update CI:

      $ curl -s 'https://search.ci.openshift.org/search?maxAge=48h&type=junit&name=4.15.*upgrade&context=0&search=clusteroperator/console.*condition/Available.*status/False' | jq -r 'to_entries[].value | to_entries[].value[].context[]' | sed 's|.*clusteroperator/\([^ ]*\) condition/Available reason/\([^ ]*\) status/False[^:]*: \(.*\)|\1 \2 \3|' | sed 's|[.]apps[.][^ /]*|.apps...|g' | sort | uniq -c | sort -n
            1 console RouteHealth_FailedGet failed to GET route (https://console-openshift-console.apps... Get "https://console-openshift-console.apps... dial tcp connect: connection refused
            1 console RouteHealth_StatusError route not yet available, https://console-openshift-console.apps... returns '503 Service Unavailable'
            2 console RouteHealth_FailedGet failed to GET route (https://console-openshift-console.apps... Get "https://console-openshift-console.apps... dial tcp: lookup console-openshift-console.apps... on no such host
            2 console RouteHealth_FailedGet failed to GET route (https://console-openshift-console.apps... Get "https://console-openshift-console.apps... EOF
            8 console RouteHealth_RouteNotAdmitted console route is not admitted
           16 console RouteHealth_FailedGet failed to GET route (https://console-openshift-console.apps... Get "https://console-openshift-console.apps... context deadline exceeded (Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers)

      For example this 4.14 to 4.15 run had:

      : [bz-Management Console] clusteroperator/console should not change condition/Available 
      Run #0: Failed 	1h25m23s
      {  1 unexpected clusteroperator state transitions during e2e test run 
      Nov 28 03:42:41.207 - 1s    E clusteroperator/console condition/Available reason/RouteHealth_FailedGet status/False RouteHealthAvailable: failed to GET route (https://console-openshift-console.apps.ci-op-d2qsp1gp-2a31d.aws-2.ci.openshift.org): Get "https://console-openshift-console.apps.ci-op-d2qsp1gp-2a31d.aws-2.ci.openshift.org": context deadline exceeded (Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers)}

      While a timeout for console Route isn't fantastic, an issue that only persists for 1s is not long enough to warrant immediate admin intervention. Teaching the console operator to stay Available=True for this kind of brief hiccup, while still going Available=False for issues where least part of the component is non-functional, and that the condition requires immediate administrator intervention would make it easier for admins and SREs operating clusters to identify when intervention was required.

      Version-Release number of selected component

      At least 4.15. Possibly other versions; I haven't checked.

      .h2 How reproducible

      $ w3m -dump -cols 200 'https://search.ci.openshift.org/?maxAge=48h&type=junit&name=4.15.*upgrade&context=0&search=clusteroperator/console.*condition/Available.*status/False' | grep 'periodic.*failures match' | sort
      periodic-ci-openshift-multiarch-master-nightly-4.15-ocp-e2e-upgrade-azure-ovn-heterogeneous (all) - 12 runs, 17% failed, 50% of failures match = 8% impact
      periodic-ci-openshift-multiarch-master-nightly-4.15-upgrade-from-nightly-4.14-ocp-ovn-remote-libvirt-ppc64le (all) - 5 runs, 20% failed, 100% of failures match = 20% impact
      periodic-ci-openshift-multiarch-master-nightly-4.15-upgrade-from-nightly-4.14-ocp-ovn-remote-libvirt-s390x (all) - 4 runs, 100% failed, 25% of failures match = 25% impact
      periodic-ci-openshift-multiarch-master-nightly-4.15-upgrade-from-stable-4.14-ocp-e2e-aws-ovn-heterogeneous-upgrade (all) - 12 runs, 17% failed, 100% of failures match = 17% impact
      periodic-ci-openshift-multiarch-master-nightly-4.15-upgrade-from-stable-4.14-ocp-e2e-upgrade-azure-ovn-arm64 (all) - 7 runs, 29% failed, 50% of failures match = 14% impact
      periodic-ci-openshift-multiarch-master-nightly-4.15-upgrade-from-stable-4.14-ocp-e2e-upgrade-azure-ovn-heterogeneous (all) - 12 runs, 25% failed, 33% of failures match = 8% impact
      periodic-ci-openshift-release-master-ci-4.15-upgrade-from-stable-4.14-e2e-aws-ovn-upgrade (all) - 80 runs, 23% failed, 28% of failures match = 6% impact
      periodic-ci-openshift-release-master-ci-4.15-upgrade-from-stable-4.14-e2e-azure-sdn-upgrade (all) - 80 runs, 28% failed, 23% of failures match = 6% impact
      periodic-ci-openshift-release-master-ci-4.16-upgrade-from-stable-4.15-e2e-aws-ovn-upgrade (all) - 63 runs, 38% failed, 8% of failures match = 3% impact
      periodic-ci-openshift-release-master-ci-4.16-upgrade-from-stable-4.15-e2e-azure-sdn-upgrade (all) - 60 runs, 73% failed, 11% of failures match = 8% impact
      periodic-ci-openshift-release-master-nightly-4.15-e2e-aws-sdn-upgrade (all) - 70 runs, 7% failed, 20% of failures match = 1% impact

      Seems like it's primarily minor-version updates that trip this, and in jobs with high run counts, the impact percentage is single-digits.

      Steps to reproduce

      There may be a way to reliable trigger these hiccups, but as a reproducer floor, running days of CI and checking to see whether impact percentages decrease would be a good way to test fixes post-merge.

      Actual results

      Lots of console ClusterOperator going Available=False blips in 4.15 update CI.

      Expected results

      Console goes Available=False if and only if immediate admin intervention is appropriate.

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