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[RFE] Add new Azure instance types to the official "tested/supported" list


      We have created a fix in 4.12 that fetches instance type information from Azure API instead of updating the lists. We feel that backporting that fix is too risky, but agreed to update the list in older versions.

      Description of problem:

      Add the following instance types to azure_instance_types list[1]:

      • Standard_D8s_v5
      • Standard_E8s_v5
      • Standard_E16s_v5

      Version-Release number of selected component (if applicable):
      OCP 4.8

      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. Migrate worker/infra nodes to above mentioned (missing) v5 instance types
      2. "Failed to set autoscaling from zero annotations, instance type unknown"

      Actual results:

      • "Failed to set autoscaling from zero annotations, instance type unknown"
      • New v5 instance types not officially tested/supported

      Expected results:
      The new instance types are available in the azure_instance_types list[1] and no errors/warnings are observed after migrating:

      • Standard_D8s_v5
      • Standard_E8s_v5
      • Standard_E16s_v5

      Additional info:

      The related v4 instance types are already available[1] - I suspect adding the mentioned v5 instance types is a minor update:

      • Standard_D8s_v4
      • Standard_E8s_v4
      • Standard_E16s_v4

      1) azure_instance_types.go

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