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Update 4.16 openshift-enterprise-egress-router-container image to be consistent with ART


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      Please review the following PR: https://github.com/openshift/images/pull/157

      The PR has been automatically opened by ART (#forum-ocp-art) team automation and indicates
      that the image(s) being used downstream for production builds are not consistent
      with the images referenced in this component's github repository.

      Differences in upstream and downstream builds impact the fidelity of your CI signal.

      If you disagree with the content of this PR, please contact @release-artists
      in #forum-ocp-art to discuss the discrepancy.

      Closing this issue without addressing the difference will cause the issue to
      be reopened automatically.

      Important: ART has recorded in their product data that bugs for
      this component should be opened against Jira project "OCPBUGS" and
      component "Networking / Router". This project or component does not exist. Jira
      should either be updated to include this component or @release-artists should be
      notified of the proper mapping in the #forum-ocp-art Slack channel.

      Component name: openshift-enterprise-egress-router-container .
      Jira mapping: https://github.com/openshift-eng/ocp-build-data/blob/main/product.yml

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