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Cannot deploy v6-only hosts from a v4-primary dualstack cluster


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      Description of problem:

      In a dualstack cluster, we use IPv4 URLs for callbacks to Ironic and Inspector. If the host only has IPv6 networking, the provisioning will fail. This issue affects both the normal IPI and ZTP with the converged flow.

      A similar issue has been fixed as part of METAL-163 where we use the BMC's address family to determine which URL to send to it. This bug is somewhat simpler: we can provide IPA with several URLs and let it decide which one it can use. This way, only small changes to IPA itself, ICC and CBO are required.

      The fix will only affect virtual media deployments without provisioning network or with virtualMediaViaExternalNetwork:true. We don't have a good dualstack story around provisioning networks anyway.

      Upstream IPA request: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ironic/+bug/2045548

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