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Incompatability Warning for odf-operator during OCP upgrade


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      We had an OCP cluster at release 4.12.10 with the following two Operators installed:
      *IBM Storage Fusion version 2.6.1
      IBM Storage Fusion Data Foundation version 4.12.7*

      We started an upgrade to OCP 4.13.19.  During the upgrade process, from the Web Console, within the Cluster Settings Details Tab, there is the following warning:

      Warning alert:This cluster should not be updated to the next minor version.

      Cluster operator operator-lifecycle-manager should not be upgraded between minor versions: ClusterServiceVersions blocking cluster upgrade: openshift-storage/odf-operator.v4.12.7 is incompatible with OpenShift minor versions greater than 4.13

      I'll attach the screenshot to the bug as well.

      The upgrade to 4.13.19 succeeds, but not smoothly.  There were problems unrelated to the warning above, however, this Incompatability message is very misleading.  I found the following Red Hat solution online that has the same Incompatability warning, but with regards to ElasticSearch and ClusterLogging Operators. 

      Can the same resolution apply here with the ODF Operator?

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