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[4.14] Wrong IP for deploying IPv6 BMCs


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      The final iteration (of 3) of the fix for OCPBUGS-4248 - https://github.com/openshift/cluster-baremetal-operator/pull/341 - uses the (IPv6) API VIP as the IP address for IPv6 BMCs to contact Apache to download the image to mount via virtualmedia.

      Since Apache runs as part of the metal3 Deployment, it exists on only one node. There is no guarantee that the API VIP will land (or stay) on the same node, so this fails to work more often than not. Kube-proxy does not do anything to redirect traffic to pods with host networking enabled, such as the metal3 Deployment.

      The IPv6 is passed to the baremetal-operator. This has been split into its own Deployment since the first iteration of OCPBUGS-4228, in which we collected the IP address of the host from the deployed metal3 Pod. At the time that caused a circular dependency of the Deployment on its own Pod, but this would no longer be the case. However, a backport beyond 4.14 would require the Deployment split to also be backported.

      Alternatively, ironic-proxy could be adapted to also proxy the images produced by ironic. This would be new functionality that would also need to be backported.

      Finally, we could determine the host IP from inside the baremetal-operator container instead of from cluster-baremetal-operator. However, this approach has not been tried and would only work in backports because it relies on baremetal-operator continuing to run within same Pod as ironic.

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