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Agent installer integration tests failure


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      Description of problem:

      The agent installer integration test fails because of the change in the base iso's kargs.json and uses fedora-coreos instead of rhcos. As the integration test uses strict checks using `cmp` function, the test fails because of absence of "coreos.liveiso=fedora-coreos-38.20230609.3.0" in the expected result of the integration test. 

      Version-Release number of selected component (if applicable):


      How reproducible:


      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Get latest code from master branch
      2. Run ./hack/go-integration-test.sh

      Actual results:

      INFO[2023-09-01T02:23:01Z] --- FAIL: TestAgentIntegration (369.83s)19    --- FAIL: TestAgentIntegration/agent_pxe_configurations (0.00s)20        --- FAIL: TestAgentIntegration/agent_pxe_configurations/sno (49.93s)21            testscript.go:520: # Verify a default configuration for the SNO topology (49.805s)22                > exec openshift-install agent create pxe-files --dir $WORK23                [stderr]24                level=warning msg=CPUPartitioning:  is ignored25                level=info msg=Configuration has 1 master replicas and 0 worker replicas26                level=info msg=The rendezvous host IP (node0 IP) is                level=info msg=Extracting base ISO from release payload28                level=info msg=Verifying cached file29                level=info msg=Using cached Base ISO /.cache/agent/image_cache/coreos-x86_64.iso30                level=info msg=Consuming Install Config from target directory31                level=info msg=Consuming Agent Config from target directory32                level=info msg=Created iPXE script agent.x86_64.ipxe in $WORK/pxe directory33                level=info msg=PXE-files created in: $WORK/pxe34                level=info msg=Kernel parameters for PXE boot: coreos.liveiso=fedora-coreos-38.20230609.3.0 ignition.firstboot ignition.platform.id=metal35                > stderr 'Created iPXE script agent.x86_64.ipxe'36                > exists $WORK/pxe/agent.x86_64-initrd.img37                > exists $WORK/pxe/agent.x86_64-rootfs.img38                > exists $WORK/pxe/agent.x86_64-vmlinuz39                > exists $WORK/auth/kubeconfig40                > exists $WORK/auth/kubeadmin-password41                > cmp $WORK/pxe/agent.x86_64.ipxe $WORK/expected/agent.x86_64.ipxe42                diff $WORK/pxe/agent.x86_64.ipxe $WORK/expected/agent.x86_64.ipxe43                --- $WORK/pxe/agent.x86_64.ipxe44                +++ $WORK/expected/agent.x86_64.ipxe45                @@ -1,4 +1,4 @@46                 #!ipxe47                 initrd --name initrd http://user-specified-pxe-infra.com/agent.x86_64-initrd.img48                -kernel http://user-specified-pxe-infra.com/agent.x86_64-vmlinuz initrd=initrd coreos.live.rootfs_url=http://user-specified-pxe-infra.com/agent.x86_64-rootfs.img coreos.liveiso=fedora-coreos-38.20230609.3.0 ignition.firstboot ignition.platform.id=metal49                +kernel http://user-specified-pxe-infra.com/agent.x86_64-vmlinuz initrd=initrd coreos.live.rootfs_url=http://user-specified-pxe-infra.com/agent.x86_64-rootfs.img ignition.firstboot ignition.platform.id=metal50                 boot51                52                FAIL: testdata/agent/pxe/configurations/sno.txt:13: $WORK/pxe/agent.x86_64.ipxe and $WORK/expected/agent.x86_64.ipxe differ

      Expected results:

      Test should always pass

      Additional info:


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            ppinjark@redhat.com pawan pinjarkar
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