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A few fixes are needed for IC configmap lookup in CNO status logic


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      Description: During an upgrade from non-IC to IC, the CNO status logic looks up a well-known configmap that indicates whether the an upgrade to IC is ongoing in order not to report the new operator version (4.14) until the second and final phase of the IC upgrade is done.

      The following corrections are needed:

      •  CNO shouldn't report new version if IC configmap can't be retrieved for whatever reason, as suggested in a review to the CNO PR that enabled IC support: https://github.com/openshift/cluster-network-operator/pull/1874#pullrequestreview-1560616992
      •  looking up the key "ongoing-upgrade" inside the IC configmap is enough; checking for its value to be "true" is not correct, since after code reviews it was decided not to set the value to "true", but to set it to an empty string;
      • (optimization) CNO shouldn't look up the IC configmap if the cluster is not running ovn kubernetes 

            rravaiol@redhat.com Riccardo Ravaioli
            rravaiol@redhat.com Riccardo Ravaioli
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