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arping routinely errors out in RHEL 9


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      Description of the problem:

      In RHEL 8, the arping command (from iputils-s20180629) only returns 1 when used for duplicate address detection. In all other modes it returns 0 on success; 2 or -1 on error.

      In RHEL 9, the arping command (from iputils 20210202) also returns 1 in other modes, essentially at random. (There is some kind of theory behind it, but even after multiple fixes to the logic it does not remotely work in any consistent way.)

      How reproducible:

      60-100% for individual arping commands

      100% installation failure

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Build the agent container using RHEL 9 as the base image
      2. arping -c 10 -w 5 -I enp2s0; echo $?

      Actual results:

      arping returns 1

      journal on the discovery ISO shows:

      Jul 19 04:35:38 master-0 next_step_runne[3624]: time="19-07-2023 04:35:38" level=error msg="Error while processing 'arping' command" file="ipv4_arping_checker.go:28" error="exit status 1"

      all hosts are marked invalid and install fails.

      Expected results:

      ideally arping returns 0

      failing that, we should treat both 0 and 1 as success as previous versions of arping effectively did.

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