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kube-apiserver without need-management-kas-access label could still access mgmt KAS


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      Description of problem:

      For HOSTEDCP-1062 , components without a label `hypershift.openshift.io/need-management-kas-access: "true"` can not access the management cluster KAS resources. 
      But for `kube-apiserver` in HCP, there isn't the targe label `hypershift.openshift.io/need-management-kas-access: "true"` but it can access the mgmt KAS
      jiezhao-mac:hypershift jiezhao$ oc get pods -n clusters-jie-test | grep kube-apiserver
      kube-apiserver-6799b6cfd8-wk8pv                      3/3     Running   0          178m
      jiezhao-mac:hypershift jiezhao$ 
      jiezhao-mac:hypershift jiezhao$ oc get pods kube-apiserver-6799b6cfd8-wk8pv -n clusters-jie-test -o yaml | grep hypershift.openshift.io/need-management-kas-access
      jiezhao-mac:hypershift jiezhao$ 
      jiezhao-mac:hypershift jiezhao$ oc -n clusters-jie-test rsh pod/kube-apiserver-6799b6cfd8-wk8pv curl --connect-timeout 2 -Iks -v
      Defaulted container "apply-bootstrap" out of: apply-bootstrap, kube-apiserver, audit-logs, init-bootstrap (init), wait-for-etcd (init)
      * Rebuilt URL to:
      < HTTP/2 403 
      HTTP/2 403 
      * Connection #0 to host left intact

      How reproducible:

      refer test case: https://polarion.engineering.redhat.com/polarion/#/project/OSE/workitem?id=OCP-65141

      Steps to Reproduce:


      Additional info:

      router pod has the label and can access mgmt KAS. My expectation is that router pod shouldn't have the label and shouldn't access mgmt KAS.
      $ oc get pods router-667cb7f844-lx8mv -n clusters-jie-test -o yaml | grep hypershift.openshift.io/need-management-kas-access
      hypershift.openshift.io/need-management-kas-access: "true"
      jiezhao-mac:hypershift jiezhao$ oc -n clusters-jie-test rsh pod/router-667cb7f844-lx8mv curl --connect-timeout 2 -Iks
      Rebuilt URL to:
      < HTTP/2 403
      HTTP/2 403

      > Actually, router doesn't need it anymore after https://github.com/openshift/hypershift/pull/2778 

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