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OpenShift Installer gets stuck while listing GCP projects


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      Description of problem:

      While trying to deploy OCP on GCP the Installer get stuck on the very first step trying to list all the projects the GCP service account used to deploy OCP can list

      Version-Release number of selected component (if applicable):

      4.13.3 but also happening on 4.12.5 and I presume other releases as well

      How reproducible:

      Every time

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Use openshift-install to create a cluster in GCP

      Actual results:

      $ ./openshift-install-4.13.3 create cluster --dir gcp-doha/ --log-level debug
      DEBUG OpenShift Installer 4.13.3                   
      DEBUG Built from commit 90bb61f38881d07ce94368f0b34089d152ffa4ef 
      DEBUG Fetching Metadata...                         
      DEBUG Loading Metadata...                          
      DEBUG   Loading Cluster ID...                      
      DEBUG     Loading Install Config...                
      DEBUG       Loading SSH Key...                     
      DEBUG       Loading Base Domain...                 
      DEBUG         Loading Platform...                  
      DEBUG       Loading Cluster Name...                
      DEBUG         Loading Base Domain...               
      DEBUG         Loading Platform...                  
      DEBUG       Loading Networking...                  
      DEBUG         Loading Platform...                  
      DEBUG       Loading Pull Secret...                 
      DEBUG       Loading Platform...                    
      INFO Credentials loaded from environment variable "GOOGLE_CREDENTIALS", file "/home/mak/.gcp/aos-serviceaccount.json"
      ERROR failed to fetch Metadata: failed to load asset "Install Config": failed to create install config: platform.gcp.project: Internal error: context deadline exceeded 

      Expected results:

      The cluster should be deployed with no issues

      Additional info:

      The GCP user used to deploy OCP has visibility of thousands of projects:
      > gcloud projects list | wc -l

            rdossant Rafael Fonseca dos Santos
            mak.redhat.com Marcos Entenza Garcia
            Jianli Wei Jianli Wei
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