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Missing 'View details' link for several servicemonitors.spec.endpoints fields in YAML sidebar


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      Description of problem:

      when viewing servicemonitor schema in YAML sidebar, for many fields whose type is Object, console doesn't have a 'View details' button to show more details

      Version-Release number of selected component (if applicable):


      How reproducible:


      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. goes to any ServiceMonitor yaml page, open Schema by clicking on 'View sidebar'
      click 'View details' of 'spec' -> click 'View details' of 'endpoints'
      2. Check object and array type schema

      Actual results:

      2. there is no 'View details' button for these 'object' and 'array' type field 

      Expected results:

      2. we should provide 'View details' link for 'object' and 'array' fields so that user has ability to view more details 
      For example
      $ oc explain servicemonitors.spec.endpoints.tlsConfig
      KIND:     ServiceMonitor
      VERSION:  monitoring.coreos.com/v1RESOURCE: tlsConfig <Object>DESCRIPTION:
           TLS configuration to use when scraping the endpointFIELDS:
         ca    <Object>
           Certificate authority used when verifying server certificates.   caFile    <string>
           Path to the CA cert in the Prometheus container to use for the targets.   cert    <Object>
           Client certificate to present when doing client-authentication.   certFile    <string>
           Path to the client cert file in the Prometheus container for the targets.   insecureSkipVerify    <boolean>
           Disable target certificate validation.   keyFile    <string>
           Path to the client key file in the Prometheus container for the targets.   keySecret    <Object>
           Secret containing the client key file for the targets.   serverName    <string>
           Used to verify the hostname for the targets.
      oc explain servicemonitors.spec.endpoints.relabelings
      KIND:     ServiceMonitor
      VERSION:  monitoring.coreos.com/v1RESOURCE: relabelings <[]Object>DESCRIPTION:
           RelabelConfigs to apply to samples before scraping. Prometheus Operator
           automatically adds relabelings for a few standard Kubernetes fields. The
           original scrape job's name is available via the `__tmp_prometheus_job_name`
           label. More info:
           https://prometheus.io/docs/prometheus/latest/configuration/configuration/#relabel_config     RelabelConfig allows dynamic rewriting of the label set, being applied to
           samples before ingestion. It defines `<metric_relabel_configs>`-section of
           Prometheus configuration. More info:
         action    <string>
           Action to perform based on regex matching. Default is 'replace'. uppercase
           and lowercase actions require Prometheus >= 2.36.   modulus    <integer>
           Modulus to take of the hash of the source label values.   regex    <string>
           Regular expression against which the extracted value is matched. Default is
           '(.*)'   replacement    <string>
           Replacement value against which a regex replace is performed if the regular
           expression matches. Regex capture groups are available. Default is '$1'   separator    <string>
           Separator placed between concatenated source label values. default is ';'.   sourceLabels    <[]string>
           The source labels select values from existing labels. Their content is
           concatenated using the configured separator and matched against the
           configured regular expression for the replace, keep, and drop actions.   targetLabel    <string>
           Label to which the resulting value is written in a replace action. It is
           mandatory for replace actions. Regex capture groups are available.

      Additional info:



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