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Detect unsupported amount of workloads before rendering a lazy or crashing topology


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      +++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #2060329 +++

      Description of problem:
      As a user, I was stopped from using the developer perspective when switching into a namespace with a lot of workloads (Deployments, Pods, etc.)

      This is a follow up on https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=2006395

      We recommend the following safety precautions against a lazy or crashing topology, also if we continue to work on performance improvements to allow more workloads rendered.

      At the moment we expect that a topology with around about 100 nodes could be displayed. This could also depend on the node types, the used browser, the computer power of the PC, and how often the workload conditions changes.

      Recommended safety guard:
      The topology graph (maybe the list as well) should check how many nodes are fetched and will be rendered.

      1. We need to evaluate if we could make this decision based on the shown graph nodes and edges or the number of underlying resources.

      For example, is it required to count each Pod in a Deployment or not?

      2. Based on a threshold (~ 100?) the topology graph should skip the rendering.

      3. We should show a 'warning page' instead, which explains that the topology could not handle this amount of X nodes at the moment.

      4. This page could have an option to "Show topology anyway" so that users who don't have issues here can still use the topology.

      — Additional comment from bugzilla@redhat.com on 2022-05-09 08:32:18 UTC —

      Account disabled by LDAP Audit for extended failure

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      Elliott changed bug status from MODIFIED to ON_QA.
      This bug is expected to ship in the next 4.11 release.

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      Bugfix included in accepted release 4.11.0-0.nightly-2022-05-09-224745
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