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Master stuck in a creating/deleting loop when drop vmsize field from the CPMS providerSpec


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      Description of problem:

      On Azure when drop vmsize or location field from cpms's providerSpec, a master will be in a creating/deleting loop.

      Version-Release number of selected component (if applicable):


      How reproducible:


      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Create an Azure cluster with a CPMS
      2. Activate the CPMS
      3. Drop the vmsize field from the providerSpec

      Actual results:

      New machine is created, deleted, created, deleted ...
      $ oc get machine         
      NAME                                    PHASE      TYPE              REGION   ZONE   AGE
      zhsuncpms1-7svhz-master-0               Running    Standard_D8s_v3   eastus   2      3h21m
      zhsuncpms1-7svhz-master-1               Running    Standard_D8s_v3   eastus   3      3h21m
      zhsuncpms1-7svhz-master-2               Running    Standard_D8s_v3   eastus   1      3h21m
      zhsuncpms1-7svhz-master-l489k-0         Deleting                                     0s
      zhsuncpms1-7svhz-worker-eastus1-6vsl4   Running    Standard_D4s_v3   eastus   1      3h16m
      zhsuncpms1-7svhz-worker-eastus2-dpvp9   Running    Standard_D4s_v3   eastus   2      3h16m
      zhsuncpms1-7svhz-worker-eastus3-sg7dx   Running    Standard_D4s_v3   eastus   3      19m
      $ oc get machine  
      NAME                                    PHASE     TYPE              REGION   ZONE   AGE
      zhsuncpms1-7svhz-master-0               Running   Standard_D8s_v3   eastus   2      3h26m
      zhsuncpms1-7svhz-master-1               Running   Standard_D8s_v3   eastus   3      3h26m
      zhsuncpms1-7svhz-master-2               Running   Standard_D8s_v3   eastus   1      3h26m
      zhsuncpms1-7svhz-master-wmnfq-0                                                     1s
      zhsuncpms1-7svhz-worker-eastus1-6vsl4   Running   Standard_D4s_v3   eastus   1      3h21m
      zhsuncpms1-7svhz-worker-eastus2-dpvp9   Running   Standard_D4s_v3   eastus   2      3h21m
      zhsuncpms1-7svhz-worker-eastus3-sg7dx   Running   Standard_D4s_v3   eastus   3      24m
      $ oc get controlplanemachineset   
      cluster   3         4         3                               Active   25m
      $ oc get co control-plane-machine-set      
      NAME                        VERSION                              AVAILABLE   PROGRESSING   DEGRADED   SINCE   MESSAGE
      control-plane-machine-set   4.12.0-0.nightly-2022-10-25-210451   True        True          False      4h38m   Observed 3 replica(s) in need of update

      Expected results:

      Errors are logged and no machine is created or new machine could be created successful.

      Additional info:

      Drop vmSize, we can create new machine, seems default value is Standard_D4s_v3, but don't allow update.
      $ oc get machine                
      NAME                                      PHASE         TYPE              REGION   ZONE   AGE
      zhsunazure11-cdbs8-master-0               Running       Standard_D8s_v3   eastus   2      4h7m
      zhsunazure11-cdbs8-master-000             Provisioned   Standard_D4s_v3   eastus   2      48s
      zhsunazure11-cdbs8-master-1               Running       Standard_D8s_v3   eastus   3      4h7m
      zhsunazure11-cdbs8-master-2               Running       Standard_D8s_v3   eastus   1      4h7m
      zhsunazure11-cdbs8-worker-eastus1-5v66l   Running       Standard_D4s_v3   eastus   1      4h1m
      zhsunazure11-cdbs8-worker-eastus1-test    Running       Standard_D4s_v3   eastus   1      7m45s
      zhsunazure11-cdbs8-worker-eastus2-hm9bm   Running       Standard_D4s_v3   eastus   2      4h1m
      zhsunazure11-cdbs8-worker-eastus3-7j9kf   Running       Standard_D4s_v3   eastus   3      4h1m
      $ oc edit machineset zhsuncpms1-7svhz-worker-eastus3         
      error: machinesets.machine.openshift.io "zhsuncpms1-7svhz-worker-eastus3" could not be patched: admission webhook "validation.machineset.machine.openshift.io" denied the request: providerSpec.vmSize: Required value: vmSize should be set to one of the supported Azure VM sizes

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