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The machine-config-controller pod restart in SNO+1 cause other pods restart


      Description of problem:
      As a part of Chaos Monkey testing we tried to delete pod machine-config-controller in SNO+1. The pod machine-config-controller restart results in restart of daemonset/sriov-network-config-daemon and linuxptp-daemonpods pods as well.


      1m47s       Normal   Killing            pod/machine-config-controller-7f46c5d49b-w4p9s    Stopping container machine-config-controller
      1m47s       Normal   Killing            pod/machine-config-controller-7f46c5d49b-w4p9s    Stopping container oauth-proxy




      openshift-sriov-network-operator   23m         Normal   Killing            pod/sriov-network-config-daemon-pv4tr   Stopping container sriov-infiniband-cni
      openshift-sriov-network-operator   23m         Normal   SuccessfulDelete   daemonset/sriov-network-config-daemon   Deleted pod: sriov-network-config-daemon-pv4tr 

      Version-Release number of selected component (if applicable):



      How reproducible:

      Steps to Reproduce:

      Restart the machine-config-controller pod in openshift-machine-config-operator namespace. 
      1. oc get pod -n openshift-machine-config-operator 
      2. oc delete  pod/machine-config-controller-xxx -n openshift-machine-config-operator 



      Actual results:

      It restarting the daemonset/sriov-network-config-daemon and linuxptp-daemonpods pods 

      Expected results:

      It should not restart these pod

      Additional info:

      logs : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1XxYen8tzENrcIJdde8sortpyY5ZFZCPW?usp=share_link

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