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Users who can't list CatalogSources also can't initiate operator upgrades from the Subscription tab of the CSV details page


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      This is a clone of issue OCPBUGS-11596. The following is the description of the original issue:

      Description of problem:

      We currently do some frontend logic to list and search CatalogSources for the source associated with the CSV and Subscription on the CSV details page. If we can't find the CatalogSource, we show an error message and prevent updates from the Subscription tab. 

      Version-Release number of selected component (if applicable):


      How reproducible:


      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Create an htpasswd idp with any user
      2. Create a project admin role binding for this user
      3. Install an operator in the namespace where the user has project admin permissions
      4. Visit the CSV details page while logged in as the project admin user
      5. View the subscriptions tab

      Actual results:

      An alert is shown indicating the the CatalogSource is missing, and the updates to the operator are prevented.

      Expected results:

      If the Subscription shows the catalog source as healthy in its status stanza, we shouldn't show an alert or prevent updates.

      Additional info:

      Reproducing this bug is dependent on the fix for OCPBUGS-3036 which prevents project admin users from viewing the Subscription tab at all. 


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