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User telemetry is broken (inaccurate) due to the fact that page titles are not unique.



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      This is a clone of issue OCPBUGS-7178. The following is the description of the original issue:

      Description of problem:

      Pages should have unique page titles, so that we can gather accurate user telemetry data via segment. The page title should differ based on the selected tab.

      In order to do proper analysis, branding should not be included in the page title.

      Currently the following pages have this title "Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated" (or the respective brand name):
      Dev perspective:

      • BuildConfigs
      • Pipelines>Pipelines
      • Pipelines>Repositories
      • Helm>Helm Releases
      • Helm>Repositories
      • Install Helm Chart
        Admin perspective:
      • Pipelines>Pipelines
      • Pipelines>PipelineRuns
      • Pipelines>PipelineResources
      • Pipelines>Repositories
      • Tasks>Tasks
      • Tasks>TaskRuns
      • Tasks>ClusterTasks

      The following tabs all have the same page title Observe · Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated:
      Dev perspective:

      • Observe>Dashboard
      • Observe>Alerts
      • Observe>Metrics

      The following tabs all have the same page title Project Details · Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated:
      Dev perspective:

      • Project>Overview
      • Project>Details
      • Project>Project access

      All the user preferences tabs have the same page title : User Preferences · Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated

      • User Preferences>General
      • User Preferences>Language
      • User Preferences>Notifications
      • User Preferences>Applications

      The Topology page in the Dev Perspective and the workloads tab of the Project Details/Workloads tab both share the same title: Topology · Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated

      The following tabs on the Admin Project page all share the same title. Unsure if we can handle this since it is including the namespace name: sdoyle-dev · Details · Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated. If not, we can drop til 4.14.

      • Project>Project details>Overview
      • Project>Project details>Details
      • Project>Project details>YAML
      • Project>Project details>RoleBindings


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