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fail to create vSphere IPI cluster as apiVIP and ingressVIP are not in machine networks


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      This is a clone of issue OCPBUGS-7015. The following is the description of the original issue:

      Description of problem:

      fail to create vSphere 4.12.2 IPI cluster as apiVIP and ingressVIP are not in machine networks
      # ./openshift-install create cluster --dir=/tmp
      ? SSH Public Key /root/.ssh/id_rsa.pub
      ? Platform vsphere
      ? vCenter vcenter.vmware.gsslab.pnq2.redhat.com
      ? Username administrator@gsslab.pnq
      ? Password [? for help] ************
      INFO Connecting to vCenter vcenter.vmware.gsslab.pnq2.redhat.com
      INFO Defaulting to only available datacenter: OpenShift-DC
      INFO Defaulting to only available cluster: OCP
      ? Default Datastore OCP-PNQ-Datastore
      ? Network PNQ2-25G-PUBLIC-PG
      ? Virtual IP Address for API [? for help]
      X Sorry, your reply was invalid: IP expected to be in one of the machine networks:
      ? Virtual IP Address for API [? for help]
      As the user could not define cidr for machineNetwork when creating the cluster or install-config file interactively, it will use default value, so fail to create the cluster ot install-config when inputting apiVIP and ingressVIP outside of default machinenNetwork.
      Error is thrown from https://github.com/openshift/installer/blob/master/pkg/types/validation/installconfig.go#L655-L666, seems new function introduced from PR https://github.com/openshift/installer/pull/5798
      The issue should also impact Nutanix platform.
      I don't understand why the installer is expecting/validating VIPs from machine network by default when it's not evening asking to input the machine networks during the survey. This validation was not mandatory in previous OCP installers.

      Version-Release number of selected component (if applicable):

      # ./openshift-install version
      ./openshift-install 4.12.2
      built from commit 7fea1c4fc00312fdf91df361b4ec1a1a12288a97
      release image quay.io/openshift-release-dev/ocp-release@sha256:31c7741fc7bb73ff752ba43f5acf014b8fadd69196fc522241302de918066cb1
      release architecture amd64

      How reproducible:


      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. create install-config.yaml file by running command "./openshift-install create install-config --dir ipi"
      2. failed with above error

      Actual results:

      fail to create install-config.yaml file

      Expected results:

      succeed to create install-config.yaml file

      Additional info:

       The current workaround is to use dummy VIPs from machinenetwork to create the install-config first and then modify the machinenetwork and VIPs as per your requirement which is overhead and creates a negative experience.
      There was already a bug reported which seems to have only fixed the VIP validation: https://issues.redhat.com/browse/OCPBUGS-881

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