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Excessive TopologyAwareHintsDisabled events due to service/dns-default with topology aware hints activated.



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      This is a clone of issue OCPBUGS-5943. The following is the description of the original issue:

      Kube 1.26 introduced the warning level TopologyAwareHintsDisabled event. TopologyAwareHintsDisabled is fired by the EndpointSliceController whenever reconciling a service that has activated topology aware hints via the service.kubernetes.io/topology-aware-hints annotation, but there is not enough information in the existing cluster resources (typically nodes) to apply the topology aware hints.

      When re-basing OpnShift onto Kube 1.26, are CI builds are failing (except on AWS), because these events are firing "pathologically", for example:

      : [sig-arch] events should not repeat pathologically
        events happened too frequently event happened 83 times, something is wrong: ns/openshift-dns service/dns-default - reason/TopologyAwareHintsDisabled Insufficient Node information: allocatable CPU or zone not specified on one or more nodes, addressType: IPv4 result=reject 

      AWS nodes seem to have the proper values in the nodes. GCP has the values also, but they are not "right" for the purposes of the EndpointSliceController:

      event happened 38 times, something is wrong: ns/openshift-dns service/dns-default - reason/TopologyAwareHintsDisabled Unable to allocate minimum required endpoints to each zone without exceeding overload threshold (5 endpoints, 3 zones), addressType: IPv4 result=reject }

      https://github.com/openshift/origin/pull/27666 will mask this problem (make it stop erroring in CI) but changes still need to be made in the product so end users are not subjected to these events.



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