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BMH moves to deleting before all finalizers are processed


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      There is a requirement to handle removal and cleaning of nodes installed into spoke clusters in the ZTP flow (driven by git ops).

      The currently proposed solution for this would use the hub cluster BMH to clean the host as it's already configured and can be used for either BM or non-platform spoke clusters.

      This removal should be triggered by the deletion of the BMH, but if the BMH is removed we can't also use it to handle deprovisioning the host.

      If another finalizer is configured on the BMH BMO should assume that host is not ready to be deleted.

      Testing steps:

      1. Create and provision a BMH with automatedCleaningMode set to "metadata"
      2. Add the detached annotation: baremetalhost.metal3.io/detached: '{"deleteAction":"delay"}'
      3. Delete the BMH

      Deprovisioning should wait until the detached annotation is removed, previously the host was deleted before deprovisioning could run.

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