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SNO clusters upgrade with TALM docs are missing information


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      Description of problem:

      Topology Aware Lifecycle Manager docs are missing crucial details.


      A doc describing SNO clusters updates with TALM, using ACM policies to do the update, talking about the update policy but not giving even a single example of how such policy should look like. I couldn't find an example of an upgrade policy in any other doc as well. After two days of asking around and searching, found this old sample on github: https://github.com/open-cluster-management-io/policy-collection/blob/main/community/CM-Configuration-Management/policy-upgrade-openshift-cluster.yaml


      No guidance to check that the upgrade policy is synced to the managed clusters. I had no idea this is how it works, since it's not described in the docs so I couldn't figure out why the upgrade is not starting. I had to ask around on slack forums till I figured out the upgrade policy is supposed to be synced to the managed clusters. Once I realized that, it was easier to debug the issue. So a guidance to check that the policy is synced on the managed clusters can be nice to have in the docs. Also maybe a guidance on how to check the upgrade started, I know that from my previous experience with OCP but might not be trivial to other users.

      Contact julim / dfroehli42rh 

      Context: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gZP2SqqE2we7zstVjsn4Dp6Obdpqg_0ARc9vkYSCepM/edit

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