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      Feature Overview

      Customers are asking for improvements to the upgrade experience (both over-the-air and disconnected). This is a feature tracking epics required to get that work done.  


      1. Have an option to do upgrades in more discrete steps under admin control. Specifically, these steps are: 
        • Control plane upgrade
        • Worker nodes upgrade
        • Workload enabling upgrade (i..e. Router, other components) or infra nodes
      2. OTA-922 - Better able to show the progress made in each discrete step 
      3. Better visibility into any errors during the upgrades and documentation of what they error means and how to recover. 
      4. OTA-700 Reduce False Positives (such as Degraded) 
      5. An user experience around an end-2-end back-up and restore after a failed upgrade 
      6. MCO-530 - Support in Telemetry for the discrete steps of upgrades 
      7. OTA-455 - Support for z-stream rollbacks 
      8. OTA-810  - Better Documentation: 
        • Backup procedures before upgrades. 
        • More control over worker upgrades (with tagged pools between user Vs admin)
        • The kinds of pre-upgrade tests that are run, the errors that are flagged and what they mean and how to address them. 
        • Better explanation of each discrete step in upgrades, and what each CVO Operator is doing and potential errors, troubleshooting and mitigating actions.





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