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Support Splunk as output for ClusterLogForwarder


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      • Provide a new output option to forward logs to Splunk.



      Usually, we recommend to use Splunk Connect for Kubernetes but some customers have requirements to send logs to multiple, different systems including Splunk. For these use cases, they'd like to avoid deploying multiple different "Agents" and want to use our supported solution instead.


      For forwarding logs only to Splunk, users should use Splunk Connect for Kubernetes.

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      Support Splunk as output for ClusterLogForwarder


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      Splunk is one of the big players in logging management and nowadays there's no direct support to it in ClusterLogForwarder.


      Why does the customer need this?

      Customer has a mix of external Elasticsearch and Splunk clusters and would like to send the logs directly from Fluentd to it using HEC via the fluent-plugin-splunk-hec plugin, which is already present in the redhat fluentd image used on OCP4.


      They're aware of valid solutions like setting an external Fluentd and forward the logs from there to Splunk, but considering how popular is Splunk makes sense to make it a supported ouptut.


      List any affected packages or components.

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