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Support 'groupClass' Option in ClusterLogForwarder for AWS CloudWatch Log Class Specification


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      Proposed title of this feature request

      Add 'groupClass' Option in ClusterLogForwarder for AWS CloudWatch Log Class Specification

      What is the nature and description of the request?

      As part of our ongoing efforts to optimize resource utilization and reduce costs, we have identified a need to leverage AWS CloudWatch's Infrequent Access (IA) log class for logs generated by OpenShift clusters. Currently, the OpenShift Logging operator does not provide an option to specify the log class in the ClusterLogForwarder configuration. This enhancement request seeks to introduce a 'groupClass' option within the ClusterLogForwarder spec, enabling users to specify the desired CloudWatch log class (e.g., Standard or IA) for different log groups.

      Why does the customer need this? (List the business requirements)

      Many organizations, including ours, handle a significant volume of logs that are infrequently accessed but must be retained for compliance or analytical purposes. The ability to classify these logs as Infrequent Access in CloudWatch directly through the OpenShift Logging operator would result in considerable cost savings and more efficient log management.
      Suggested Implementation:

      • Introduce a new field 'groupClass' in the ClusterLogForwarder spec.
      • Allow this field to accept values such as 'Standard' or 'IA', defaulting to 'Standard' if unspecified.
      • Ensure this setting is applied when creating new log groups in CloudWatch.{}


      List any affected packages or components.


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