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Do not flatten pod labels that are in an Allow List


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      What is the problem that your customer is facing?

      As an operator we would like to enable our customers to filter the operator logs based on some of the pod labels.

      These are the labels we would like to be parsed as separate fields and not flattened:

      • app_kubernetes_io/component
      • app_kubernetes_io/managed-by
      • app_kubernetes_io/part-of
      • app_kubernetes_io/version

        What is the business impact, if any, if this request will not be made

      Without this feature it is very hard to effectively filter the operators logs and its sub components.

      What are your expectations for this feature

      This is an important feature for operators and we would like to have it as soon as possible. 
      We had some internal discussions and it seems that adding an allow list with the specific labels would be the best and most secure way of implementing this.

      Have you done this before and/or outside of support and if yes, how?

      <<Please add any information on how you have done that so far or any ideas
      you'd like to share with us.>>

            jamparke@redhat.com Jamie Parker
            jamparke@redhat.com Jamie Parker
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