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FLP metrics is not populated with TLS scheme

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      When processor.metrics.tls is set to AUTO/PROVIDED in flowcollector, flowlogs-pipeline servicemonitor is not adapted to TLS scheme.

      # AUTO , FLP pod creation fails with error:
        Warning  FailedMount  14s (x7 over 46s)  kubelet            MountVolume.SetUp failed for volume "prom-certs" : secret "flowlogs-pipeline-prom" not found 
      # PROVIDED, FLP pod runs successfully but it logs error:
      time=2023-05-30T14:55:45Z level=error msg=error in http.ListenAndServe: read /var/prom-certs/: is a directory

            ocazade@redhat.com Olivier Cazade
            rhn-support-memodi Mehul Modi
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