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[Testing & CI] Review and document skipped E2E and unit tests


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      As a Network Edge team member,
      I want to know which tests are not run,
      so that I know which features lack coverage and which tests need attention.

      Network Edge components have unit and end-to-end tests in several locations. Some tests are in the repository for the component under test (for example, ingress operator-related tests are in the openshift/cluster-ingress-operator repository), and some tests are in the openshift/origin repository (in particular, all end-to-end tests related to the router, idling, and ingress are in this repository).

      Tests for which Network Edge is responsible include unit and end-to-end tests in the following repositories:

      • https://github.com/openshift/origin/ (specifically tests under test/extended/idling/ and test/extended/router/, and some tests under test/extended/testdata/cmd/test/cmd/, test/e2e/upgrade/service/, and vendor/k8s.io/kubernetes/test/e2e/network).

      Several mechanisms are used to cause tests not to run:

      • Adding t.Skip(...) statements in tests that use Go's testing package, or g.Skip(...) in tests that use Ginkgo.
      • Commenting out test code using # in Shell-based tests in openshift/origin.

      We need to document which tests exist but are not run. We should track these tests in Jira so that we can prioritize re-enabling them.

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