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[GWAPI-TP] Test latest GWAPI release v0.6.2 with current OSSM integration


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      Epic Goal

      • Test GWAPI release v1.0.0-* custom resources with current integration

        Why is this important?

      • Help find bugs in the v1.0.0 upstream release
      • Determine if any updates are needed in ingress-cluster-operator based on v1.0.0

        Planning Done Checklist

        The following items must be completed on the Epic prior to moving the Epic from Planning to the ToDo status

      • Priority+ is set by engineering
      • Epic must be Linked to a +Parent Feature
      • Target version+ must be set
      • Assignee+ must be set
      • (Enhancement Proposal is Implementable
      • (No outstanding questions about major work breakdown
      • (Are all Stakeholders known? Have they all been notified about this item?
      • Does this epic affect SD? {}Have they been notified{+}? (View plan definition for current suggested assignee)

      Additional information on each of the above items can be found here: Networking Definition of Planned

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            cholman@redhat.com Candace Holman
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