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Provide a telemeter metric that tracks effective cluster size in cores for subscription usage


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      Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform subscriptions are often measured against underlying cores. However, the metrics for cores are unreliable with some known edge cases. Namely, when virtualization is used, depending on a variety of factors, the hypervisor doesn't report the underlying cores, and instead reports a core per "cpu" where "cpu" is a schedulable executor (possibly backed by a single hyperthreaded executor). In order to address, we assume a ratio of 2-vCPU to 1 core, and divide the "cores" value by 2 to normalize when we detect that hyperthreading information was not reported, when we're on x86-64 CPU architecture, and when the cluster is not a bare-metal cluster.

      At this time, x86-64 virtualized clusters are the ones affected.

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