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Don't block Cluster Monitoring Operator if Routes aren't accepted


    • CMO routes optional
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    • MON-3152Optional built-in monitoring
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      Proposed title of this feature request

      In a world without an IngressController (see RFE-3395), we should still ensure that the Cluster Monitoring Operator and stack can become available without waiting on Routers to be accepted

      Why does the customer need this? (List the business requirements)

      The Ingress Controller needs to be optional (see RFE-3395) and we want to still ensure that CMO becomes available without an Ingress Controller.

      List any affected packages or components.

      • Alertmanager (main)
      • Prometheus k8s (API)
      • Prometheus k8s (federation)
      • Prometheus UWM (federation)
      • Thanos Querier
      • Thanos Ruler (UWM)





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