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Change runbook urls in release images to https://docs.openshift.com/


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      After we have consensus on the runbook export to the official documentation (See related link) we need to implement changing the runbook URLs for release artifacts.

      The replacement itself is straight forward. The export job retains the runbook name (usually named after the alert) and we can use that to construct the correct docs.openshift.com URL for a runbook. We can confirm the guess with a simple http request. In case this hits an error, manual intervention is needed.

      A trickier issue is to find all repos that need changing. Since operators typically own their metrics and alerts, they might also have their own runbooks, that perhaps get exported to the documentation. In order to automate the URL replacement, a central location with links to the operator repositories might be needed.

      A script that

      • can be run in a operator repository clone
      • find all alert rule definitions
      • check those rules for runbook urls
      • guess the proper location on the openshift documentation based on the runbook ruls it found and maybe user supplied input (e.g. the documentation subdirectory)
      • check if the guessed location exists
      • if it does exist, replace the link with the openshift documentation URL

      Stretch goal:
      Find all repositories that ship runbooks (might have to based on the openshift/runbooks repo) and automate the replacement in those repos.

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