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Development of tools and knowledge-base articles to aid debugging of monitoring stack.


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      OCP/Telco Definition of Done
      Epic Template descriptions and documentation.

      Epic Goal

      • As CFE team, we want to invest in developing tools and knowledge base for debugging the monitoring stack, so that CCX/any new members can quickly ramp-up on monitoring stack

      Why is this important?

      • To enable the CCX team to handle monitoring issues at first level triaging for customer raises issues.
      • Enable rapid onboarding of new team members to handle monitoring stack issues.
      • Development of knowledge articles around handling monitoring stack.


      1. When a customer issues is reported, these tools/knowledge articles should enable CCX team to quickly triage the issues

      Acceptance Criteria

      • Development tools should reduce overall time in fixing customer issues.

      Dependencies (internal and external)

      1. Integration of developed tools into CCX and QE workflow

      Previous Work (Optional):

      Open questions::

      1. unit of measure is yet decided

      Done Checklist

      • CI - CI is running, tests are automated and merged.
      • Release Enablement <link to Feature Enablement Presentation>
      • DEV - Upstream code and tests merged: <link to meaningful PR or GitHub Issue>
      • DEV - Upstream documentation merged: <link to meaningful PR or GitHub Issue>
      • DEV - Downstream build attached to advisory: <link to errata>
      • QE - Test plans in Polarion: <link or reference to Polarion>
      • QE - Automated tests merged: <link or reference to automated tests>
      • DOC - Downstream documentation merged: <link to meaningful PR>

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