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[upstream] support body size limit in Prometheus operator


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      A new feature was added to Prometheus v2.28.0 which adds the ability to the size of the body that a scrape can have. This is currently experimental upstream but can be really useful for resiliency purposes downstream.

      The exact goal of the feature is to add a safety net to prevent Prometheus from killing a node because of a malicious target. During the rebase of Kubernetes 1.22, it was noticed that Kubernetes added a namespace label to a metric that in consequence caused cardinality explosion. This particular metric was responsible for more than a million series that caused Prometheus to run out of memory when scraping the target. This means that even if we were to add a `sample_limit`, we wouldn't be able to prevent this from happening since the check happens after ingestion. A solution would be to cap the maximum ingestion with `body_size_limit`  based on the size of the cluster.

      Ref to the incident: https://coreos.slack.com/archives/C02989F3P0V/p1627557636209200


      • Add bodySizeLimit to ServiceMonitor/PodMonitor/Probes CRDs
      • Add enforcedBodySizeLimit to Prometheus CRD

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