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The ModuleSpec builder does not make honor to the builder API documentation without adding AllPermissions by default


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    • 1.9.2.Final
    • 1.9.1.Final, 2.0.0.Final
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      It looks like ModuleSpec does not make honor to the builder API documentation:

      * Set the permission collection for this module specification.  If none is given, a collection implying
      * {@link AllPermission} is assumed.
      * @param permissionCollection the permission collection
      * @return this builder
      ModuleSpec.Builder setPermissionCollection(PermissionCollection permissionCollection);

      My interpretation is if we do not add any PermissionCollection, then AllPermission is assumed. However, when we instantiate a ModuleBuilder the default permission collection is always null, and this ends up creating a ConcreteModuleSpec without permissions.

            yborgess1@redhat.com Yeray Borges Santana
            yborgess1@redhat.com Yeray Borges Santana
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